So the UK might go to war again, joy to the world!

I saw in the news this morning that the Argentinian President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner sees the UK sending a naval gunship over to the Falklands as part of a training mission as “nothing but provocative”. Right, whatever you say, love. Apparently, the UK is “Militarising the South Atlantic once more” and David Cameron should “Give peace a chance.” (Very down with the kids, aren’t you Ms Fernandez?) For the record, I don’t agree with war at all because all it achieves is a pile of innocent bodies and war veterans which can’t think properly for the rest of their lives. So in essence, Britain entering another war can only be a good thing!


These highly disputed tiny land structures are hardly even worth the trouble, if I’m honest. I mean, look at them, they’re barely visible from space and are in the middle of nowhere! As a complete patriot, I think we’ve had our time at the top and we should just go back to being a small, insignificant island nation, but what do I know? Supposedly nothing if Conservativism is led to be believed. But no, it seems that everyone in Parliament has the same philosophy of “we were powerful once, why shouldn’t we be now?!” which borders on the proverbial small children playing with their toys and still trying to be cool when all the other children have new, better things to do.


Ms Fernandez feels so strongly about the UK and its little toy boat and action men being anywhere near the islands, she’s writing a complaint letter to the UN, the headteacher of the world’s school. And to help matters even more, the UK Foreign Office has released a statement saying that “The people of the Falkland Islands are British out of choice. They are free to  determine their own future and there will be no negotiations with Argentina over sovereignty unless the islanders wish it.” Well done, Mr Hague, you always know what to say at the right moments. In response to this, Ms Fernandez gave a speech with a backdrop of an Argentinian Flag with the watermark of the Falklands on it, fantastic. Playing cat-and-mouse with each other’s gestures is hardly going to make this better, is it? So just stop your bickering right now, children, or some of your civilians might get hurt.


 To stop this, it looks like the hippies are going to need to protest again, so keep this space watched while peace is given a chance, man.


2 thoughts on “So the UK might go to war again, joy to the world!”

  1. Hello Henry. My name is Carlos, and I am from the Falkland islands, and I have to say, that this was a very entertaining read. Many of my friends have read your blogg, and we all strongly agree with your points of view. We believe that your style of writing is both ‘straight to the point’, yet satirical (and I personally have to say, that you balance the two very well). One of my friends believes that your style would suit vlogging, as well, if not better, than blogging. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to reading your next political post.(^v^)

  2. Speaking as a single mother of 5, I’m sorry to say agree with Carlos on this one, though usually I don’t agree with male veiwpoint’s :P. In this case though I think you have a very feminine writing style, It deeply connects to me. Finding this blog really brightened up my day i have to say, and the girls in the office seemed to like it as well, so it seems like you may have a bright future in journalism ahead of you.

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