Fame is hard to achieve if you don’t go on The X Factor, but staying famous is even harder. (Part 1)

Nothing gets the public buttered up more than a good sob story. “I’m doing this for my dad, he’s definitely looking down on me now.” It’s a lovely concept, but it’s one that we’ve become all too familiar with in the Cowellian format of television. Why does this have such a profound effect on the ignoramuses that gaumlessly watch the mindless drivel as the highlight of their weekend. As a result, this gets everyday folk like you and me catapulted to a plastic fame that lasts for about 15 minutes (maybe that’s where the saying came from, who knows?). Look at the staying power of Storm Lee and Luke Lucas. There’s something about their short stint in our lives that will never be forgotten… Other than everything.

I would imagine that the source of all of this indifference is that being fame is essentially the same as fashion. Some is timeless, like jeans. Everyone knows about them and everyone has had a pair at some point. Whereas the iPod Mini for example, got outdated very quickly, the Nano took over. So the Mini just now sits in very few rooms, gathering dust, like the careers of many failed personalities, musicians and actors. So every season, there’s another new influx of poor souls in the celebrity dustbin that Big Brother can rummage for their new escapades on Channel 5.

How does this effect the mega-famous, though, I hear you ask? The enigmas of the world, Madonna, Cher, Prince and others known simply by one name. How DO they stay so famous. And the answer is so very simple: Just stay in the papers. Makes sense, if you’re maintaining attention, you’re still newsworthy. I mean, does anyone really care about what Frankie Cocozza got up to anymore? Whereas people still marvel at what Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie do in their spare time, which is not very much to be honest.


4 thoughts on “Fame is hard to achieve if you don’t go on The X Factor, but staying famous is even harder. (Part 1)”

  1. why have you deleted my comment henry? i was just giving constructive criticism, you cant just delete the comments that you think are bad, thats what they did in the nazi government. come on now…

  2. Sorry Carlos, it just didn’t really seem too constructive to be honest, took me a bit by surprise really. I completely understand where you’re coming from though, albeit Google and reading the news helped me on this one! I’m not trying to be known for moaning at all, this is just what came to me at that moment. I’ll try and do a couple more objective posts and see how they pan out…

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