All the while Barack and David are watching basketball, there is still a country to clean up!

Presidents of old have described Britain and the USA to share a “Special Relationship”, a relationship built on trust between two former economic powers of the world to better the welfare of those in the world. But I’m not quite sure that they meant the sort of relationship that involved having a barbecue in the back garden of 10 Downing Street; or President Barack Obama and Prime Minister David Cameron indulging their appetite for watching sports as the “pals” that they evidently are.

In terms of Diplomacy, this is all very well and good seeing two countries’ premiers getting along so well, but there is a kind of ignorance that only politicians could share in that they are completely oblivious to what’s going on in Afghanistan at this point. American and British Service Personnel are putting their lives on the line day in, day out to support the supposed greater good of trying to create a world without the threat of the Taliban and other paramilitary organisations. Meanwhile, the people charged with the clean-up job that Bush and Blair left behind are simply ignoring the job at hand to create a PR Stunt that will appease the electorate for about a week.

While I realise that the main reason for Mr Cameron’s visit to the USA is to set a potential “end-game” that would mean troops would be brought back from Afghanistan much earlier than planned, ergo control being handed over to Afghan forces earlier than planned; put very simply: If you’re there for a job, just get on with it. It is perfectly acceptable for businessmen who are trying to forge trade links with another company to want to soak up a bit of culture. But if you’re trying to save lives, and improve quality of life for millions, there’s no time to waste. If you were in your second home claimed on expenses and something had caught on fire, you wouldn’t suddenly decide to go birdwatching! You’d put the fire out. Take mind, Parliament.

So far, there have been around 2,769 coalition deaths (1,783 of which American, 404 British) with multiples of that number wounded in action, it’s bad enough seeing news that ONE person has been killed in action, let alone that many. The importance of the decision that will be forwarded by Obama and Cameron will be one of the defining moments of the campaign in Afghanistan, so there needs to be as much careful consideration as possible on the matter. It sounds cheesy but the future of Afghanistan really may depend on it.

I acknowledge that talks are now (rather belatedly) taking place, but I have this to say to you two: Next time you exchange pointless pleasantries with each other, think about the extortionate costs accumulating in war that you could be placing into healthcare or schooling. Think about the poor souls that have to endure day after day fighting for their respective country. They don’t know whether each day will be their last, they may trip an Improvised Explosive Device (IED), they may get attacked by snipers, or ambushed in the street. That’s why they are heroes to so many. But most of all, think of all the civilians that have to live their day-to-day lives in fear of radical terrorists. It’s another world out there, gentlemen, and it’s up to you and your respective Political Parties to sort it out. So get your heads out of your behinds, don’t think about the press, don’t think about whether you’ll get re-elected, just use your well-educated minds to achieve something meaningful before any more sh*t happens out there.



6 thoughts on “All the while Barack and David are watching basketball, there is still a country to clean up!”

  1. publicity stunts are nothing but good to show two, or more, countries good relations. And i certainly dont think that the two leaders have “turned a blind eye” as you have basically said. but an enjoyable read none the less 🙂 and i believe that these soldiers should be praised for their work. Your writing is much more powerful and purposeful, in these opinion pieces of yours, my friend, and they are truely entertaining. I must also add that my friends have had a couple of interesting discussions, fueled by your pieces, very enjoyable, even if i dont agree with every point, but it would not be as fun if you agreed with me 100%, now would it, buddy haha. I also have to add that i have moved to england! please do a piece on being brittish, would be great, seeing as the culture is amazing!
    thanks 🙂

  2. My Name Is Kawate Katsumi. I Am Learning English.

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