Battle of BBC vs Sky F1 Coverage- Round 1-China

While the race in China was brilliantly won by Nico Rosberg for his maiden F1 victory, this is the first time that the two F1 broadcasters have gone head-to-head at a live event, which was something that I was intrigued to see who would come out on top in. As the BBC team of Jake Humphrey, Eddie Jordan and 13-time race winner David Coulthard have been presenting for a few years now, you would be forgive Sky for not being as slick or having as much of a rapport with the audience at the moment.

Sky’s line up of Simon Lazenby, Martin Brundle and Damon Hill (who was absent in China, being replaced by Johnny Herbert) have given good first impressions so far, giving an all round picture of the race weekend unrivalled by their BBC competitors; but that could be part of the comfort of their own tv channel. But I’m only speculating…

I think it’s fair to say that the BBC were given the worse of the broadcasting deal, especially by being given the live races that are traditionally more unspectacular: Barcelona, Valencia and Abu Dhabi spring to mind.

In terms of the analytical side of things, Sky poached Ted Kravitz, Anthony Davidson, Natalie Pinkham and and David Croft. This has proven to be a move that has given Sky the edge in getting reports first and more in-depth. BBC’s Gary Anderson doesn’t really seem to live up to the bar that Kravitz has placed so highly over his tenure at ITV and the BBC. Joining the BBC this year also are former Touring Cars commentator Ben Edwards alongside Coulthard on TV, with former ITV lead commentator James Allen joining to front their Radio 5 Live coverage.

With the new voices of F1 at Sky in Brundle and Croft, their commentary has definitely come across as more fluid, as well as easier on the ear. They understand each other well and this has led to first-class commentary so far. Their conversation also spreads further than tyres, something which seems to be all Edwards and Coulthard can manage in theirs when there’s no overtaking happening. The BBC commentary team have taken more time to gel, and as stupid as this sounds, they aren’t really as easy on the ear when they get excited. Ben Edwards did a sterling job in Touring Cars, but I struggle with the gravelly undertone in his voice, where Croft seems to control his voice better. It’s the little things…

The trump card in the BBC team, though, is the immediate camaraderie and familiarity that Humphrey, Jordan and Coulthard bring to the table. I find their features in the build up more interesting, as well as the banter between them to be very endearing. I don’t think we would see Martin Brundle buying a ridiculous suit for Damon Hill any time soon…

In all, both broadcasters are good in different ways. But if I had my way, I would still keep with the BBC for the whole season (are you listening, Mr Eccles-Dwarf?). The presenting is far better and let’s be honest, you can’t argue with having a song like “The Chain” as your theme tune!


6 thoughts on “Battle of BBC vs Sky F1 Coverage- Round 1-China”

  1. At the end of the day does it really matter? it only matters if the crew for one broadcaster are completely hammered and so the camera crew decide to start filming nearby leaves, whilst the presenters just shout annoyingly loud, monotonous syllabels.

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