What will it take to open the eyes of the world to this madness?

The killing of 12 civilians, and the injuring of around 60 others in a movie theatre watching the new Batman film in Colorado today have reignited the long-running debate as to whether civilians in America are able to purchase guns legally. The so-called “Twitterverse” has erupted with celebrities in support of the ideology of a larger scale of gun control in the United States. Said celebs include Piers Morgan in particular, who has remained typically outspoken on the matter: “More Americans will buy guns after this, to defend themselves, and so the dangerous spiral descends. When/how does it stop?” A fair point, if ever there was one.

As I write, even as a Brit I think I speak for many of us in our tiny island nation when we would like to extend our wholehearted condolences to those injured, and to the families of those that have sadly passed as a result of an act of pure lunacy and blunt insanity. The killer, James Holmes, had dyed his hair red and told local police that he was “The Joker”, an everpresent Batman villain. He first entered the cinema and started shooting at random bystanders, before he managed to break in to the theatre that Batman: The Dark Knight Rises was being shown and opened fire, managing to hit 71 people in total, 12 of which dying as a result of their wounds. Holmes was swiftly arrested at the scene. At the time, he was armed with a rifle, a shotgun and two pistols, all four of which he bought LEGALLY in the months prior to the attack.

It says in the American Bill of Rights that “Every American shall have the right to bear Arms”. In truth, the simple fact that the right for any civilian to own a gun being knitted into the fabric of national law is immediately going to cause a problem in that some will see (rather delusionally) that owning a weapon is a basic human right because their ancestors said they could have one.

I just want to say now that Holmes himself was clearly mentally deranged in his thought processes and his use of the weapons at his disposal were barbaric and is a once-in-blue-moon occurrence. But the fact of the matter is that the laws in individual States vary, and some are more lenient towards weaponry than others. Colorado state law states that there is no limit to the number of guns you can purchase, as well as the sale of automatic weapons being permitted. Citizens can keep unlimited numbers of guns at their homes, in their offices and in their vehicles, but have to have a permit to have guns in public. Because apparently that makes all the difference.

This may just be my British-ness talking, but I truly don’t understand the necessity for State Law in the US. Surely if there were “blanket” laws that covered the whole nation, like in most countries, there would be a much better understanding of what’s right and wrong across the whole nation. I understand, however, that the severe far-right and/or far-left nature of some states may make Congress completely counter-productive and would mean that laws would constantly be changing with whoever was in the White House. But please, for the sake of the World, America, just use your common sense before something so sickening happens again.


8 thoughts on “What will it take to open the eyes of the world to this madness?”

  1. I could kill someone with a car, does that mean i shouldn’t have a car? I could also kill someone with a stick, should i not be aloud a stick?

  2. Yes but a stick and a car are not specifically designed to kill people, there is no other purpose to gun, an exception of course for hunting and sports, but I hardly think that hunting or sports require the sort of obscene guns that they sell in some parts of the USA. What reason do ordinary civilians have for guns? You may argue for self-defence, but ask yourself this. Would you rather be someone with a gun, facing someone with a gun. Or someone without facing someone without. I think any sane person would choose the second option. And if guns are on sale to the public, the chances that the criminals are going to have guns, and powerful guns, goes up 100 fold. Your argument is well and truly nullified. The only arguments for guns which aren’t negated is the notion of the right to bare arms, written as it first was in the constitution. This was written in a particularly volitional chapter in US history, this particular clause was in part written so that the citizens could rise up against the government in case in became to tyrannical, as it were. In these modern days do you really think an armed revolution is the way forward. Haven’t we come beyond mere machines that kill each other, we need to become a more civilised world, and banning things that allow us to kill. So that toes to stupid to realise using them is a bad thing can’t have them, is a step in the right direction.


    Still Love U Henners, keep up the good word, This one really got me going big time I can tell you.

  3. I returned to India, we fire guns, do not use, but only yes. But so, also have an arsenal of knives which England uses. Henry, you have a weapon of choice. If so, if you kill a homeless? but I still could still be wrong today.

    1. Dakshi, you giant fuck! What sort of person would do so? Also guns are an evil necessity in todays modern society, with terrorists around every corner! tut

      1. Terrorists are bad, but they do not kill people, not guns. It did not have weapons, we used to play with sticks and brass hunting will still prevail. you, but if you go back, you have no rhetoric. but I am against a lot of fire weapons. badder that they would never have a reason to kill to kill Carlos …

  4. I cant belive u guyz r arguing bout silly little things like guns and killing! its soooooo childish, why dont you talk bout thingss which mater, like love and pees 🙂 if only you were more like elton john (that guy from the beatles), he would be spinning in his grave!

    1. You’re a little girl. At some point you just talk guns, but they put the two deaths, Elton John, a member of a Beatle, was not an artist in his own right, and three times the point, you’re a smart are not not real? I think so. I did not! University and you can bet that your brains avoided, as it is believed to be Piasi. Why go back home and read the book before you Karkelon opinions are false and misleading. I did the math the way that I do not, so do not tell me. I kill a goat!

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